Toronto Zoo searching for escaped red fox

The Toronto Zoo is asking for the public’s help finding a red fox that escaped from the facility and has been on the loose for weeks.

The zoo revealed in a Facebook post that Todd the fox escaped from his habitat by digging a hole in mid-September, and “despite extensive searches of the area, he has not yet been found.”

Officials are asking anyone who spots a red fox that might be Todd to report the location in an email to [email protected]

The zoo cautioned that red foxes are native to the area, so members of the public should not attempt to approach an animal they suspect of being the escapee.

Todd was a wild fox brought to the facility in 2020 after displaying “abnormal behavior — he was not afraid of people,” the zoo said. Todd was initially housed at the Toronto Wildlife Center, where carers suspected he was hand-raised by humans before being released into the wild.